Mini Drill Press

The small drill press will be great for you if you plan on working with jewellery or other similar items that require a mini drill press.
The main advantage of the mini drill press is its tiny size. The size means it much more easily taken with you in your vehicle wherever you go. It's also better for drilling small things for high accuracy, not only just jewellery but also car parts etc. The design of these mini drill presses is quite unique compared to the other models. The table and the base is the same part, and sits flat on your work surface/bench.

mini drill presses

The minimal size implies that there will be considerably more restrictions on the size of wood you can use to drill into. which is a direct result of the throat capacity being significantly smaller.If you go for the mini drill, ensure that it fits the job.
Dragging it around isn't troublesome in any way, so moving it from place to place or going with a small drill press is totally easy.

With this machine your drilling will be highly precise. The worktable is the same part of the base. It also has a throat capacity of only 4 inches, which for some is too little. But for certain causes is perfect.

On the off chance that you need to take a shot at bigger tasks you may require something larger like 8 inches or more.
mini drill press